The Puck ‘Er Up Makeup Project

In the beginning, there was an idea. That idea sprung from the phrase “lipstick for hockey chicks” and your host Julie’s ownership of approximately 100 different blue-red lipsticks in search of the perfect one to match the Backstrom jersey she wears to almost every game. Then she thought, what if I could do a makeup look for every team in the league? 31 teams, 31 looks.

Then Kati, Stars fan and good friend of the Podcast did such a good look for a Stars game that Julie was like, why should I do all of this when I have friends who are way more beautiful than I am and I want to tell them this and also post their photos everywhere and pump their tired big time?

So the Puck ‘Er Up Makeup Project was born.

If you’re at the intersection of hockey and makeup like some of us are and would like to join in, take this survey by June 15. Our goal is to get a diverse group of people to showcase their skills (or lack thereof) and teams, as well as to have a fun time and tell each other how beautiful we all are.

All it takes is: taking a photo of the finished look (though if you want to take photos of the process as well, more power to you!), and sharing with us the tools, products, and steps you used to get there! Once you’ve submitted your survey, we’ll shoot you an e-mail letting you know you’re good to go – you shoot us back the pictures and info, and posting will begin on July first!

Help us create fun summer content and maybe inspire someone.

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