Puck ‘Er Up Makeup Project – Arizona Coyotes

The Arizona Coyotes were selected by Feikoi (@feikoi on Twitter), and she did an absolutely AMAZING job of putting together a look. What can we say, if you give a cosplayer a project…

I decided to go with the Kachina jersey colors because, as much as I like the dark red of the current one, literally Google any basic two color eyeshadow tutorial and you have a nice look that matches the logo faster than you can howl.

This uses several of the crest motifs for an asymmetrical design with, uh, bunches of colors. 

Allllll the things.
  • Cream: random palettes for base color, use whatever
  • Terracotta: NYX Moscow palette 
  • Shimmer for above: Physicians Formula shimmer strips palette in Gold Nude
  • Burgundy: NYX Off Tropic (like, all of them, I forget which won out in the end)
  • Forest Green: MAC Bird of Prey (Star Trek series)
  • Purple: Sally’s brand baked eyeshadow 
  • Eyeliners: KATE Tokyo super sharp liner in black, BUXOM black pencil “Call Me”, NYX white liquid liner (do NOT get this in ur eyes, it burns like a mother)
  • Mascara: Voluminous Butterfly Intenza (L’Oreal)
  • Lipstick: NYX Liquid Suede metallic matte in Ego; NYX soft matte lip cream in Copenhagen
  • Contacts: tbh i forget which shop they’re from so they’re probably older than i should have risked in my eyes, but yolo


UPPER LID: a horizontal ombre using your warm brown shade at the inner eye and the cream at the outer. I used a little of the purple shadow at the outer crease, but red would probably have a better impact. A pale shimmer is used on the cream and for highlighting, and copper shimmer over the brown shade.


EYELINER: I had Avril Lavigne’s “Complicated” stuck in my head, if that gives you any idea.

DETAILING: The detail at the outer eye was drawn in super fine liner, colored with the burgundy and dark green shadows, then outlined in white liner. If necessary, go over the black lines once more. I also used eyeliner for the fake freckles, as one does ^^


UPPER LID: Burgundy! Or whatever dark red you’re using. Cream shimmer below the brow again. I blended, but distinct blocks of color would be neat, too.

LOWER LID: Purple liner and shadow is used for the undereye triangles. If you have primer and/or a bolder liner, USE IT. (i do not, so it’s less distinct than preferred) 

EYELINER: I tried to get “Sk8erboi” stuck in my head to change it up, but alas.

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