Puck ‘Er Up Makeup Project – Colorado Avalanche

We received two submissions for the Colorado Avalanche for a total of four looks from Samantha and Dr. Lindsey. This submission is from Dr. Lindsey, who is on Twitter at @lindseyclarke and on the internet at

So, here’s the thing. As a very proud patron of Puck ‘Er Up and a once and future guest host, I was kind of late submitting my look for the Colorado Avalanche. So late, in fact, that Tyson Barrie is no longer an Av. I managed to resist the urge to create the saddest look, complete with running mascara. (I did, however, manage to use a lipstick called Ex’s Tears, so who’s the real winner of this trade?)

Ha, create. Would you listen to me? I like makeup. I like it a lot. I am just not very adventurous or remotely skilled. I also don’t like pictures of myself. But, hey, why not give it a go? 

So, for the Avs, I went for two looks. A day look and a night look, perhaps?

Make up used:

  • Eye shadow:
    • Urban Decay VICE: Bobby Dazzle, Freeze, Alchemy
    • Urban Decay Born to Run: Wild Heart, Hell Ride
    • NYX Pigments: Diamond
  • Mascara: 
    • Urban Decay Double Team: Junk Show
    • NYX worth the hype: Blue
  • Eyeliner:
    • NYX slide on, glide on, stay on and definitely a turn on waterproof extreme shine eyeliner: Platinum
  • Lips: 
    • NYX Glitter goals: Reflector
    • NYX soft matte metallic lip cream: Madrid
    • NYX Suede matte lipstick: Ex’s Tears 

The Day look, based loosely on the Away whites, combines Bobby Dazzle and Diamond pigment on the lids, the Platinum eyeliner and Junk Show mascara, and my lips are Reflector, overlying Madrid metallic lip cream. 

The alternate look, based even more loosely on the Avs’ third jersey, is a bit more extreme. Using Wild Heart along the upper lash line, I basically just coloured in my entire upper eyelid with Freeze, a slightly shimmer blue. Like a toddler with crayons, I just went for it. The mascara is Nyx’s blue mascara and the eyeliner, once again, is Nyx’s platinum. My lower lip is Ex’s Tears and the upper lip is Madrid.

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