Puck ‘Er Up Makeup Project – Detroit Red Wings

It’s the Red Wings. There are Red Wings. DUH.

  • Using a wet eyeliner brush, I applied NYX Eyeshadow Single MMNN0W to the whole eyelid. Whole thing. Just pasted that bitch up.
  • Then, I took a sponge applicator and the Colourpop Super Shock Shadow in Erotic to smoke the outer corner and the under eye because I really started doing makeup in about 2006 and I’ve never grown out of doing a smokey eye and I probably never will.
  • Then, I took Colourpop’s Liquid Liner in Try Me and I drew a wing on that bitch.
  • Then I put on red mascara, because that’s what this look needed. More red. It was Colourpop’s Volumizing Mascara in Left on Red, because they should be sponsoring my existence.
  • Because of who I am as a person, I applied a ton of highlighter because I like to be visible from space. Today’s selection is Colourpop’s Pressed Powder Highlight in S’Il Vous Plait, applied with a fluffy fan brush because that’s how I roll.
  • Then I put on a lip. It’s Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip in First Position. Everything on my face would have been Colourpop but they don’t really have an opaque white eyeshadow. [shrugemoji]

Please enjoy this shitty My Chemical Romance tank top and also that this is NOT that different from the looks that I wear to caps games, it’s just that the outside smoke would probably be blue.

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