Puck ‘Er Up Makeup Project – Los Angeles Kings

So let us tell you a story. Sam, who submitted this look, works with Julie on @StartARiotPod, and doesn’t know anything about hockey except “we hate Sidney Crosby” and “Julie loves Marcus Johansson.” She got makeup all over Julie’s Devils heritage jersey when she went to her very first hockey game (which she enjoyed a lot more than the time she had to sit in a bar with Julie during the playoffs while Julie drank a beer as big as her head and screamed at the Capitals as they played the Penguins in 2017).

So Julie messaged her and said “Hey Sam, you love makeup, but you don’t care about hockey, but we have the project for you anyway. And the team. All your makeup is gray and black, so you should do the Los Angeles Kings!” So here we all are! Sam is on Twitter at @samxriot.

  1. Using Essence Eye Primer, prime your eyes.
  2. Set with the matte nude color in the NYX Perfect Filter palette with the fluffy blending brush.
  3. In the crease, use the matte black pigment and the dense eye brush to add color to your crease. Don’t worry about how messy this is going to look!
  4. Using the matte medium gray and the fluffy blending brush, blend your crease.
  5. Using the white color and the fluffy brush, blend the edge of the color under your brown bone. (Your lid should remain blank-ish.)
  6. Once you’re satisfied with the blend, use the glitter glue and dab it on the lid. (The whole lid.)
  7. Using the flat brush and the loose silver pigment, pat it over your whole lid.
  8. Using the smaller blending brush, tap it into the black from the NYX palette and blend from the outer corner into the crease.
  9. Apply your desired facial makeup.
  10. Line your waterline
  11. Apply mascara
  12. Using your small dense brush, carefully blend the liner with either the grey or black shadow, depending on your preference.
  13. Using your highlighter, highlight your inner corner.
  14. Highlight your brow bone lightly as well.
  15. Apply matte grey lipstick, then top with metallic grey lipstick.

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