Puck ‘Er Up Makeup Project – San Jose Sharks

We’re gonna be real with you – this is one of the looks Julie did that she’s the most proud of. She just started winging it and it turned out SUPER amazing and Nikki (@laughingnikki on Twitter and one of our favorite Patrons – started from the bottom now we here, baby) looked amazing in it.

So here’s what we did:

  • Using a wet eyeliner brush, Julie took a matte teal (this one is Bring It from Colourpop’s Chasing Rainbows Palette) and did Nikki’s inner corner.
  • Next, she took a different wet eyeliner brush (because she owns like 40 because once you get red or black or blue in one you can never use it for anything else) and dipped it into Let’s Do It from the Colourpop Rendezvous palette. This is just a matte black pressed powder, so you can use any one you have. Line the lid, then draw that shark fin in there. Freehand that bitch. We don’t know what else to tell you, other than it was probably a lot easier to do it on someone not yourself, and probably even easier if you’re not hooded.
  • Next, take Release (or any other shimmery teal) from the Rendezvous palette and fill in the space between the matte teal and the black fin.
  • Put on your highlight. Put on a lot of highlight. Live your best life. Look like the moon. Julie and Nikki love to wear a shit ton of highlighter. This one is Counting Sheep from the Colourpop Dream Sequence palette.
  • Top it off with a coral lip because it’s fucking California, baby. This one happens to be Colourpop Ultra Satin Lip in Naked Ladies.
  • Then we took a red eyeliner (Colourpop’s Liquid Liner in Try Me) and did the little red dots on the inside of Nikki’s eyes because there’s blood in the water in shark country.

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