Puck ‘Er Up Makeup Project – Winnipeg Jets

Once again, folks – if you’re ever doing a project like this, talk your friends who cosplay into it. They are the best at it. BEHOLD, Feikoi (@feikoi on Twitter) is back!

To be honest, I had too many ideas for a Jets look, and so ran into decision paralysis with the clock running down. Every step turned into “Does this work? Well, it’s certainly…something.” But heck, with a theme like WHITEOUT, why not. 


So it’s a bit slapdash, but ok. Apply your white face makeup — I use one you add water to, but a cream would work too. I used a holographic stick for highlighting the cheek and browbones. It will displace some of the white, just reapply. (There are so many layers.) Use grey/silver or blue makeup for the various hollows — under the cheekbones, eye crease, the inner corners of your eyes, temples, under the jawbone. Typically for ice queen make-up this shading is done in blues, but bc “jets” I was mostly using steel tones. Idk, either works. I set with cheap highlighting powder, because white makeup is hard enough to get solid, more help is good. 

I used: e.l.f. Poreless Face Primer, Mehron Paradise Face and Body Make-up (Prisma palette in “Shadow”), NYX Holographic Stick, various grey eyeshadows from an e.l.f. palette, and dollar store highlighter powder.


Mostly covered in the base makeup section, but white eyeliner is added to the top lid, and white mascara. The gems are cheap stick-on decorations for cellphones, actually, but if yours don’t have adhesive, eyelash glue works fine. The red was a last-minute impulse — I actually already had the wig and contacts in when I added it. Blindly. lol.

I used: adhesive gemstones, Anna Sui creme shadow in white, NYX Off-Tropic Palette eyeshadow in red, Pinky Paradise White Mesh contact lenses. 


I had leftover lipgloss on, which helped hold the base coat of white on (if you have white lipstick, use it!). Liner done in the darker shade of steel eyeshadow used in the face shading, and the top lip colored with it as well. The top lip was carefully topcoated with a silver glitter gloss, and another sticky gem on the bottom lip because why not. 

I used: NYX Filler Instinct lip gloss, adhesive gemstones, previous eyeshadows, and some other silver lip gloss I cannot for the life of me find right now.


This ended up being completely different from my initial makeup tests a few weeks back (I had been waiting for my replacement contacts to arrive, the coverage on my old ones weren’t as good), so I’ll include the preliminary pix, too. I was testing the whiteout look on one side, and the Jets’ logo shapes on the other. Yanno. If you’re not up for painting your entire face.

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