2019 Holiday Gift Guide

Find our 2018 Gift Guide here.

Last year, we gave you a list of places that we’d bought Caps- or hockey-themed stuff from that we loved. This year, we asked our listeners if they had shops that they loved and purchased from, and we’ve included their answers as well!

The first one comes from one of our patrons, Elizabeth Ann (@accidental_diva on Twitter). Her mom knits hats, which are VERY cute and which you can view on her Instagram at maureen_knits, where she also has an order form.

Need a scarf to go with your hat? Well, Twitter user @hayyyshayyy not only provides great hockey insight, but she also makes team-themed scarves. You can get one here on her Etsy shop to go with your hat that you’re gonna get from Elizabeth’s mom.

MULTIPLE people sent us links to Rachel Cohen’s art, and come on folks, we know Rachel, we love Rachel, we buy stuff from Rachel all the time. Julie has a tattoo of Rachel’s cherry blossom Stanley Cup! Recently, she came out with a Washington Nationals shark patch that you definitely need to pick up, or she has a lot of great Capitals options as well. She’s on Etsy at Red Kat Studios.

And listen – Sam the Horn Guy was one of the folks who suggested Rachel to us, but did you know that Sam the Horn Guy is an artist himself? And that last year, he did a piece of original artwork for #CAPSPROM? And that it was of Gritty as Brett Connolly drunk eating a slice of pizza while getting a tattoo post-Stanley Cup win? And that you can buy a print of it for about $5 from Sam’s DeviantArt? Because you can, and everyone should know that.

Another artist recommended to us is Lixxie (@LixxieB on Twitter, LixxieArt on Instagram), who posts a series of bunny-themed hockey comics (hockey-themed bunny comics?) on instagram, which we’ve been told they plan to collect into a book eventually. In the meantime, they have some gorgeous hockey-themed stickers available in their Etsy store that we’ve been coveting for ages.

Last year we made a mistake and left HockeyBabbler out of our gift list – they make hockey themed pride pins (and stickers now!) so good that we backed them on Kickstarter. We are fools and we are sorry. Anyway, they’re on here this year, and you should get some pride in your hockey gloves. Wear your hockey gloves with pride? Get them because they’re awesome. You can do that on Etsy here.

That’s Fancy on Etsy has the Gritty pins you’ve been looking for. And SURPRISE, the backing card has googly eyes on it. Not only that, but they also have Puddy heads. Because we know some of you who listen to us are Devils fans. Probably.

ShopKizzer is the home of the Gritty pride pin. You’ve probably seen it on Twitter. That’s where we saw it. Then immediately went and bought it. And we love it. This shop also has GrITty and … Gritty themed Stunna Shades? Is that what those are?

Gosh, y’all sure do buy a lot of enamel pins! Yes, but don’t forget that we also buy a lot of patches. This one in particular comes from Northern Voyagers, who provide a variety of sports in this style, and also a really cool roller derby patch that reads hit like a girl and god, do we ever wish we played roller derby…

LOOK IT’S NOT A PATCH OR A PIN. What it is is a long-sleeved tee (or hoodie, or tee if you choose) with… the address of your arena on it. We got 601 F Street NW, obviously, on a red shirt, but don’t you think something in a 2500 Victory Avenue would be nice? (Listen, they don’t have it in Victory Green, but you could probably ask real nice.) Something in a 3601 Broad St? You know you want to. SmashTransit on Etsy will hook you up.

We cannot even begin to tell you how we originally found these stickers, whether it was on Twitter or via a recommendation or Etsy, but at least one of us loves stylized pinup art. So what better than a Caps pinup girl? (Well, Ovi as a pinup girl, frankly.) Pick up this sticker from Atom Bomb Bikini here.

Did you know you can get patches or pins of the NYC Caps Crew logo? You can in their Etsy store! You can also go hang out with them and watch a game at JoJo’s Philosophy. And you should.

Are you or someone you know a Disneyphile? Going to Disneyland or Disney World sometime soon? Gotta get a new pair of ears? Man, have we got the hookup for you. Because you can get these super cute ones that occasional guest host Donya recommended to us at Ears Ears Ears Boutique on Etsy.

Last year? A hockey stick necklace. This year? A Weagle. Donya also found KarlaJewelryShop and sent it to Julie, who bought it immediately. (There’s also a really cool Nationals Curly W, as well, and they have the logos of most, if not all of the NHL teams – you know, for those of you who are still reading this far and aren’t Caps fans.)

Julie was approximately halfway through an Etsy order when Donya sent her a link to the Washington Capitals NES cartridge sticker from The Cave Drawings. Had to go back and add that one real quick. How sick is this?

We’d be remiss if we didn’t include Aimee Fleck and Bad Influence Press, who did a great pamphlet called Hockey is Gay: A Guide to the World’s Most Normal Sport, which we’ve given away through the podcast before, and she also did a commission for Amy’s birthday of Tyler Seguin and Jamie Benn as Jay and Silent Bob. She’s an amazing artist and if you can catch her with commissions open, you’ll be very lucky indeed.

Another artist who has done commissions for us is Meg Fabbri, who did the art that Julie has of Tyler Seguin as a possum in a snapback with a can of Lonestar beer riding Jamie Benn the cow. She’s mostly known around the web for the Pill Cats but all of her art can be shopped on Etsy.

The best thing you can do for your friends for the holidays is, if your friends are artists or crafters – buy from them! Promote them! Commission them!

And if you’re looking for even more? You can hit up Bring Hockey Back and pick up any of their amazing pop culture crossovers or one of those “My Hockey Team Sucks” t-shirts using the discount code PUCKERUP, which is good for 12% off your purchase.

Happy Holidays!

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