Puck ‘Er Up was started by two Washington Capitals season ticketholders who just love to talk about hockey. The first official episode was released after the Capitals won the first round of the 2018 Stanley Cup Playoffs. Since then, they have released episodes from hotel rooms in Las Vegas and from road trips to Newark, New Jersey. They don’t just talk about hockey on the internet, though. They talk about hockey all the time.

Julie grew up in the Midwest, and if hockey had been a thing, her first love probably would have been the Dallas Stars. She moved to the DMV in 2009, where she fell in love with Alex Ovechkin and Hockey. If you ask her, she’ll happily tell you – well, maybe not happily – that the best player in the entire league is Marcus Johansson. And that’s how she became a Jersey Devils season ticketholder, too.

Amy fell in love with hockey during her first Hartford Whalers game in her youth (she’s old). Her high school in Connecticut (Go Windsor Warriors!) also had a team and she spent many days and nights at the outdoor rink watching her friends play. She’s been a Caps fan for many years and a season ticket holder for five of them. She’s happy to talk Hockey to almost anyone who will listen, so thanks for listening!