Donya (@virtual_don)
Donya writes for Hypable and Russian Machine Never Breaks and comes to us from far across the sea. Donya can be found on Episode Six: A Very Special Episode and Episode Seventeen: Hefty Pectorals.

Dr. Lindsey (@lindseyclarke)
Lindsey’s a pathologist and Caps fan from Ireland who loves William Nylander. Lindsey can be heard on Episode Seven: All Leafs All The Time.

Bryan (@mdstymaxs)
Bryan is a New Jersey-born Caps fan and union representative, our arbitration and CBA expert, and the namesake of the “Bryan Asks… Why Are The Devils Bad?” segment. Bryan can be heard on Episode Nine: Arbitration Extravaganza.

Knuble’s Knights (Remix) (@TJYoshie77)
Nathan and Ryan have been Knuble’s Knights, the Brouwer Rangers, TJ Yoshie, and at least one of them has been Ian Oland at some point. Holders of flags, the most epic of partiers. They can be heard on Episode Thirteen: Knuble’s Knights Remix.

Peter Hassett (@peterhasset / @russianmachine)
The Man, the Myth, the Legend. Peter provides jokes and analysis at Russian Machine Never Breaks and without him (and Ian), Amy and Julie would never have met. He’s really good at analysis despite having an English degree. He can be heard on Episode Fourteen: Anyway, Here’s Wonderwall.

Fatou (@FatouSadio)
Fatou is one of the best Caps follows on Twitter. A DC Native living in New York, Fatou rolls with the NYC Caps Crew and the Black Girls Hockey club. She loved Tom Wilson before he was cool, and you can take that to #thebank. She can be heard on Episode Sixteen: Goals Sponsored by Pittsburgh.

B (@youripides)
B is responsible for bringing Twitter the best in Good Hug Content while contributing to Russian Machine Never Breaks. She can be heard on Episode Seventeen: Hefty Pectorals.

Melanie (@chompchompblog)
Since Melanie resides at Puck ‘Er Up HQ, she can often be heard in the background of many episodes, wrangling dogs and providing shots of vodka to lubricate musical numbers. Her first official episode appearance is Episode Twenty: Maybe Sidney Crosby Should Score Some Goals.

Pam is Amy’s mom. Pam’s a hockey fan from way back, and is the facilitator for Amy’s hockey fandom every day since Amy was a child. Amy gets her ridiculous sense of humor from Pam, and Pam came on the podcast just to prove to us that sometimes our moms are just as filthy as the rest of us. Pam appears in Episode Twenty-Three: Nut Huggers.

Sam (@TheHornGuy)
Sam’s a local legend. Known amongst Capitals fans as The Horn Guy, Sam is exactly that – a really awesome dude with a horn that you can hear at most Capitals home games, tooting his horn three times to let folks know it’s time to scream “LET’S GO CAPS.” Sam appears in Episode 28: Tina Belcher Fantasy.