Episode 47 – Fetch the Plague Doctor

Recorded February 16, 2021. Coronavirus special! Who had it, what teams got games postponed because of it, and the miracle of how they possibly could've caught an aerosol-borne virus while playing hockey games! Also, Matt Calvert's pink visor, the very definition of boarding, the Vitek Vanecek defense squad, MANSCAPED! (the musical?), YouTube drama channels, the… Continue reading Episode 47 – Fetch the Plague Doctor

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Episode 44: Russian Weeble Wobble Never Falls Down

Recorded September 20, 2020. Ice, Ice, Baby. The President's Trophy Curse. A lot about Marcus Johansson getting traded to the Minnesota Wild. A super-sized "What's The Message, Gary?" segment, why Laviolette is fine all things considered, a very special anniversary, and a lot of waxing poetic about how much we love Anton Khudobin. https://soundcloud.com/puckeruppod/episode-44-russian-weeble-wobble-never-falls-down