Puck ‘Er Up Makeup Project – Dallas Stars

Dallas comes to you courtesy of several beers, Rainbow Brite, and our patron Nikki, on Twitter at @laughingnikki being willing to let Julie paint her while we watched Always Be My Maybe.

On Nikki:

  • Colourpop Super Shock Shadow in Tassel spread across the upper lid/brow bone. Nikki is somehow partly hooded and partly not so there was a lot of real estate to play around with? Of all of the models Julie painted during this project, Nikki was the best. (Sorry to Amy, Melanie, and herself, tbh.) This is applied EXTREMELY liberally with a sponge applicator.
  • Inner corner is Mary Jane from the Colourpop Just My Luck palette, and the outer corner is Big Banks from the same palette. Julie almost always applies inner corner with a wet angled eyeliner brush. The outer corner is a dry eyeshadow brush (fluffy).
  • The center of the eyelid and the eyeliner are both Colourpop Super Shock Shadow in Fizz. The center of the eyelid is applied with a sponge applicator and the eyeliner with an angled eyeliner brush. (Dry, because if you tried to apply a Super Shock with a wet brush we’re not sure what would happen, but we definitely DO NOT recommend that.)
  • Over the top of all of that is a little bit of Colourpop pressed glitter in Fyre. Applied with a sponge applicator. Yes, Nikki went home with this still on her face even though she’d washed this look off and done another one after. A week from now, this glitter will still be on her face. It’s glitter. That’s what it does.
  • The stars were drawn on with Pur Cosmetics liquid liner in Grinchy. Then padded over with highlighter, then daubed slightly with the Fizz Super Shock on a sponge applicator to achieve the brighter green, but it was the only green eyeliner available at the time.
  • The highlight is Colourpop Super Shock Cheek in showtime, applied with a beauty blender.
  • Mascara is Colourpop Volumizing Mascara in Black on Black.
  • Lipstick is Colourpop Ultra Satin Lip in Dopey.

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