Puck ‘Er Up Makeup Project – Vancouver Canucks

Vancouver was Kate (@katemonster08)’s other look, and it has the most perfect eyeliner we’ve ever seen.

Here’s what she used:

  • Urban Decay Full Spectrum palette, plus BH Cosmetics Take Me Back To Brazil: Rio
  • The Revlon palette was bought ENTIRELY for the perfect neon green to compliment the dark blue for Vancouver.

And here is the modern Vancouver Canucks look, which I like a little more, because I feel it photographed better, but also because I got to play with two different blues to blend into the green. Here we have a base of dark navy right at the top lash line, blended into a medium teal at the crease and lime green (not entirely uniform-matching, but looks better on me than the emerald) from crease to browbone. I put a black liquid line with a slim wing out from the corners just to define the look.

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